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Here’s an Incredibly Intricate Breakdown of Jurassic Park’s Incredibly Intricate Effects

We have a T-Rex!

There’s a reason the special effects of Jurassic Park are still revered over 20 years later—quite a few reasons, in fact, as you’ll see demonstrated in this video.

Like all special effects, they’ve aged with time, but they’ve done so at a considerably slower rate than other movies due to the incredible lengths Steven Spielberg’s team—comprising the best in the business—went to in order to create the most realistic dinosaurs that were possible at the time. That includes the work of noted “Dinosaur Supervisor” Phil Tippett, who the Internet has since fallen in love with for his title alone, but his work in animation was indispensable to Jurassic Park.

However, as the production progressed, the effects of the movie evolved right along with technology at the time, eventually bringing CGI into the mix, though it was still aided by Tippett’s hands-on animation technology. The result of all of this, plus some additional practical effects on-set that were meticulously planned out ahead of time with yet more animation, was one of the greatest special effects masterpieces of all time, with the T-Rex paddock scene standing out as an achievement in filmmaking.

Truly, they spared no expense.

(image: screengrab)

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