Jet Set Radio HD Coming to iOS and Android

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Jet Set Radio — doubtlessly your favorite cell-shaded graffiti simulator — is getting an HD remake and coming to XBLA and PSN. What could be better? What if it was also coming to Android and iOS? It is.

The mobile version of the game is to be just as fully featured as the digital re-releases. Same graphics, same gameplay, same killer tunez. It will also include a few extra features like OpenFeint and Retina, and the ability to use pictures from your phone as in-game graffiti. Other than that, details are sparse. The screenshots of mobile versions that have been released so far don’t show any sort of on-screen controls, but one can imagine that the stick-movement spray painting action is going to be mapped to touchscreen gestures. How well the rest of the controls will map is anyone’s guess.

In any event, I’m always happy to see Jet Set Radio getting mad ups wherever it can; you should definitely pick up a copy on your system of choice. Whatever you do, don’t stop playing with that radio, y’all.

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(via VG247)

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