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Jotly App Lets You Literally Rate Everything, Is Real

In a world where there is a rating app designed to rate every specific type of thing, perhaps with the exclusion of other rating apps, only one rating app can reign supreme. Enter Jotly, the app that lets you rate everything. Like, everything. That piece of lint over there, your best friend’s left eyebrow, everything. It started out as a joke, a very funny joke, but also a joke that was so spot on that a lot of people started wondering if it was real. Now it is.

Alex Cornell, the mastermind behind Jotly, and Firespotter Labs put the app together and, I have to say, it looks pretty sweet. Now, of course, there is the potential for rating an absurd amount of absurd things, but in a way, some of the claims made in the app’s original fake-promo seems like they could be true. I mean, who does need a bunch of rating apps when there’s one app to rate everything? Maybe everyone should download Jotly.

(via TechCrunch)

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