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Joss Whedon Talks Captain America Script

Joss Whedon, as you may be aware, is not only writing and directing the Avengers movie, he has also been given the script of Captain America: The First Avenger for editing.

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In an interview with Earth’s Mightest, he explained what that actually means:

In regards to exactly what kind of edits he was making:

I just got to make some character connections… The structure of the thing was really tight and I loved it, but there were a couple of opportunities to find his voice a little bit — and some of the other characters — and make the connections so that you understood exactly why he wanted to be who he wanted to be. And progressing through the script to flesh it out a little bit.

Earth’s Mightiest points out that this isn’t the first time Whedon has been asked to help out on a script, but:

“It’s fun in this case,” offers Whedon, “because, A, they’ll actually use the things I wrote, which is rare; and, B, it’s a fun puzzle to go in and say, ‘Okay, this is what works, this is what needs to be connected, and here are some key moments.’ Then the third thing is that it takes place in the ’40s, so I got to write ’40s dialogue, and that’s never not fun!”

Captain America comes due next summer.  Here’s hoping those edits work out.

(via Bleeding Cool.)

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