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Jordan Chiles Doing Her Olympic Floor Routine to the Spider-Man Theme Is a Mood

This is what I'd do at the Olympics.

Jordan Chiles at the Olympics

My favorite sport at the summer Olympics is gymnastics, mainly because I used to be a gymnast, so I understand what’s going on. And with each year, we’re shown time and time again just how good our Olympic team is. This year, Jordan Chiles put down a floor routine that would make Peter Parker himself proud, and yes, I am crying about it.

Chiles starts her routine innocently enough. As she is about to do a layout, the music fades out, and as she lands, it’s none other than the Spider-Man theme song from the Tom Holland movies. Chiles has style, skill, and is my favorite kind of gymnast: a nerd. Now, we almost missed out on this routine because Chiles almost gave up on her gymnastic career, but with the help of Simone Biles, she found her happy place again and came back to the sport.

And I’m so glad to have gymnasts like Chiles out there showing young girls how it is done! Growing up as a nerdy gymnast, we didn’t really have anyone embrace their love of superheroes and gymnastics in the way Olympians like Chiles and Laurie Hernandez embrace their love of all things Marvel. And that’s perfectly captured in Chiles’ floor routine.

The internet is also obsessed with Chiles’ choice of song.

I love that Jordan Chiles debuted the Spider-Man theme at the Olympics. I love that gymnasts are obsessed with Marvel, and I love that all this nerdy goodness is being accepted and embraced. So often, people want to yell about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how they’re tired of it, but prior to the MCU, we wouldn’t have had a gymnast doing a floor routine to the Spider-Man theme, and I just think that’s pretty awesome.

I don’t care that Jordan Chiles didn’t win gold. In my heart, she has the gold medal and is now Spider-Man.

(image: MARTIN BUREAU/AFP via Getty Images)

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