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Let the Jonathan Frakes Memes Continue

Who doesn’t want to see Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Jonathan Frakes as a meme? Anything to do with Jonathan Frakes is a joy to be had by all. For those who don’t know, I’m talking about Cmdr. William Riker himself.

Mr. Frakes, who now is more behind the camera than in front of it, has a long career both in acting and in hosting shows. So that means that we have lots of footage of him to share and cut together. Hence the influx of Jonathan Frakes supercuts out there in the world.

This most recent supercut is simple: Jonathan Frakes asks us a bunch of penetrating questions.

From there, everyone began to make jokes about the video. (My favorite might be the question about walking under the clear blue sky.)

This is the second time a supercut of Jonathan Frakes has been made into a meme. Remember when Frakes told us we were wrong?

Honestly, if we’re going to meme anyone, Frakes seems like the perfect person. He knows about and approves of the memes, and he’s a perfect avatar of nostalgia and geek culture. In this instance, these are just fun little videos, made so that we can all share our thoughts and jokes in a fun way, and that’s sometimes the best kind of internet trend. No darkness here, no doubts about humanity (though Jonathan Frakes will also call you out on your lies if need be). Jonathan Frakes asking questions is all of us and all of us are Jonathan Frakes asking questions.

Anyway, here is the beauty that is Riker sitting in a chair, which will always remain the finest supercut on the Internet.

(image: Paramount)

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