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Things We Saw Today: Jon Favreau Got Advice From George Lucas and Oh No

Peter Parker and Happy Hogan

Jon Favreau got advice from George Lucas for his Star Wars TV show The Mandolorian, and should we be worried? Happy Hogan himself is living out our nerdy dreams, working with Disney on all the Mouse properties, and now, he’s branching into the world of Star Wars—which, for someone like me, is kind of great because I love Favreau and his vision for things like Iron Man and The Lion King.

Still, getting advice from George Lucas is tricky because we all remember what he did to his own franchise, right? We didn’t forget now that J.J. Abrams took over?

That being said, it was pretty good advice:

We had a long talk with each other. One thing he said to me was, “Remember, Jon, the real audience for all stories and all myths is the kids that are coming of age,” because he’s really a Joseph Campbell adherent.

I’m excited about the show and excited that Favreau is taking on Star Wars. But it is going to be an interesting thing to see. Especially if George Lucas is out here giving advice. Did he tell him that Jar Jar Binks was a Sith Lord?

Here are some other things we saw!

  • Need to know more about Shang-Chi? Here are the answers. (via Den of Geek)
  • Soledad O’Brien is the best media critic on the internet. (via Pajiba)

    If you’ve ever told a man about another man’s abusive behavior and been met with a fairly reserved, semi-apologetic but possibly even almost bored reaction of “ugh that sucks” or something to that effect and zero follow-up ever again, raise your hand.

    — Courtney Enlow ➡️ SDCC (@courtenlow) July 25, 2019

  • Janelle Monáe is taking over in Homecoming season 2. (via Shadow and Act)
  • Faye Dunaway was fired from her upcoming Broadway show. (via NY Post)

What did we miss today, Mary Sues? Let us know in the comments below!

(via Slashfilm, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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