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Feature-Length Fan Film Joker Rising Might Not Be Legal But Sure Has A Lot of Fans

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Would you like to know how the Joker got these scars? Because director/writer Alek Gearhart and co-writer Manuel Eduardo Ramirez have a fan film that they’d like you to see. Quick, before somebody who’s got an axe to grind against unauthorized derivative works gets involved!

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Called Joker Rising, the not-for-profit film (so that’ll probably keep DC off their backs) was directed by Gearheart and stars Dylan Hobbs, Katie Young, and Manuel Eduardo Ramierez as Croc. Oh boy, Croc! He’s not covered in scales or anything, but he’s still pretty Killer in this movie. Check it out on Youtube right here:

It’s a little raw and takes a good number of liberties with established canonical origin stories for the Joker (particularly with Harley, though we won’t spoil anything there), and while the lead actor is pretty solid, he occasionally dips into Jack Nicholson territory. For a feature-length film that was first conceived of only 4 months ago and cost just $3,000 to make, though? It’s pretty dang solid. Seriously, Hollywood could take note, because I’d much rather watch the rest of this than another Transformers film. Imagine what these guys could do with more money.

Speaking of giving them more money, they’re interested in making the film into a three-movie trilogy, and started a recent Kickstarter campaign to raise $5,000 for both sequels. Unfortunately it’s already ended and didn’t go so well, but with any luck they’ll get back up on their feet and try again now that they’re getting more buzz for their efforts. 2,000 Youtube likes can’t be wrong, right?

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