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‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean’ Ending, Explained

They were dreamers, distant dreamers!

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Picture yourself wading in crystal blue water and everything is peaceful. Now, shatter that fantasy by remembering how JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean ends. Compared to other JJBA parts, Stone Ocean doesn’t have a cookie cutter ending. In fact, it’s really bittersweet because essentially nobody wins in the end. The audience certainly doesn’t (at least not in my eyes), and it just feels really tragic.

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If you happen to be a fan who had no clue what to expect from the end of Stone Ocean, you’re maybe in a bit of shock right now. I definitely don’t blame you! Regardless, I’m here to guide you through the ending of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean and clear up any confusion you might have. (Also, side note: Steel Ball Run is the next part (whenever it comes out), and that’s going to be a wild-ass ride.)

What happened at the end of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean?

A tearful Emporio during the Stone Ocean season finale

This isn’t your typical JJBA ending where at least our main JoJo survives. Poor Emporio (dubbed by Casey Mongillo) is the only survivor because of Jolyne (dubbed by Kira Buckland)’s sacrifice. After Emporio is put through the initial universe reset, he ends up back at the prison only to realize Pucci (dubbed by Yong Yea) has found him and is hellbent on murdering him. The situation appears grim at first, but unbeknownst to Pucci, Emporio held onto Weather Report (Netflix localized as Weather Forecast)’s Stand disc like a smart cookie.

Emporio turns the tables on Pucci when they wind up in Emporio’s ghost room. He tricks the priest into inserting the Stand disc into his body like a slot machine. This isn’t a great day for Pucci. In fact, his winnings come in the form of vengeance by way of his twin brother’s Stand. After Pucci is brutally murdered (justly so, considering everything he did), Emporio is thrust into another universe reset.

This reset has left the sweet and courageous Emporio in the middle of nowhere, though he soon joins up with the alt universe versions of his friends (minus Jotaro), who he witnessed die horrifically. It’s not an entirely happy reunion, though, as they don’t know Emporio. Since they died before Pucci’s Stand reset their universe, the people Emporio knew didn’t transfer over. They are now different people with different names and lives—Jolyne (now Irene) is still a Joestar, though. Stone Ocean ends with the iconic “Roundabout” by Yes playing as the crew drives down the road.

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