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John Oliver Tries to Explain Trump’s Budget and the Absurdity of the Idea That Government Spending Is out of Control


Luckily for everyone, Donald Trump’s budget proposal is more like a “wish list” to congress that outlines his priorities and shows how he’d like them to set up the federal budget. Unluckily, congress is under the control of like-minded Republicans who rode a wave of “the government is wasting my tax dollars!” to power and will try to make good on their nonsense campaign promises no matter how many people it hurts.

On top of that, even if it weren’t a flimsy assertion that the federal government’s spending is out of control, Trump’s budget would still be a bad way of going about fixing that. It’s basically the same as transcribing someone’s drunken ravings while watching Fox News into government policy—seriously, Trump’s team set about going through all the largely baseless, uninformed things he said and turned them into budget items, rather than helping him become informed and make good decisions.

If anyone voted for Trump thinking that inexperience would be fine because the president is always surrounded by a bunch of people who are there to fill in those knowledge gaps, that is … not what’s happening.

But hey! FBI Director James Comey is testifying before Congress today about Trump, Russia, and the current president’s assertions about President Obama tappping his phones. That starts at 10am EDT today, and you can watch along right here:


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