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John Mulaney Is Back and We All Love to See It

John Mulaney performs onstage

John Mulaney is one of those comedians that you just instantly quote. Whether it is because it’s relevant in the world at large or you just suddenly have the urge to yell “STREET SMARTS,” his comedy has slowly weaved its way into our cultural vocabulary, especially online. Twitter is often filled with Mulaney bits and memes, and it’s a beautiful time. But 2020 saw Mulaney being very open about his struggles with addiction, and fans of the comic were very well aware of just how hard the pandemic was on everyone, Mulaney included.

In 2020, Mulaney checked himself into rehab, as People reported, and fans of the comedian sent well-wishes. So, it’s great to hear that he’s doing well and preparing to do a week-long engagement at City Winery (which is adhering to social distancing sitting, and you have to provide a negative COVID test/vaccine record in order to attend).

True to form, fans on Twitter have erupted with well-wishes and happiness over Mulaney making it back on the comedy scene.

Mulaney’s run at City Winery is already sold out, which just shows how much we missed John Mulaney. He’s, to many of us, our comfort comedian. He’s the one we watch whenever we’re feeling down and was the comedian many kept quoting throughout the struggles of the last year. So to see he’s doing well and back on the comedy scene? It’s just really wonderful.

We’re all so happy he’s back because Mulaney has brought comfort to so many of us throughout our darkest times, we just wanted to make sure he was doing well. Literally, people would tweet like “Hope John Mulaney is doing well” randomly throughout most of last year, and it just showed how much we care about him.

So proud of John Mulaney and can’t wait to see what he does next.

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