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Rumor: John Krasinski Maybe Met With Marvel? About What?


John Krasinski as Lee in A Quiet Place

There is a rumor that one of the internet’s favorite dream castings could become a reality. Which one? John Krasinski as Reed Richards, a.k.a. Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. According to The Direct, the rumor is that Krasinski took an online meeting with Marvel, and that’s about the extent of what we know—so, not a lot to go on even if it’s true, but interesting for fans nonetheless.

Now, for many of us, the knowledge that Krasinski met with Marvel at all is exciting but not because he could be directing or anything like that, though with his widely praised work on A Quiet Place, it’s not out of the question. No, its exciting because we want to see Jim Halpert himself bring Reed Richards to life.

Born in California, Reed Richards is a scientist who found himself thrust into the world of being a superhero because he became … really stretchy. And honestly, maybe part of the reason I’d love for Krasinski to be Richards is because it’s funny to think of these Boston boys all interconnected and playing superheroes. (Remember when Chris Evans, whose work as Captain America has eclipsed everything else, was also Johnny Storm?)

This isn’t a new thing for Krasinski, though. He was actually up for the role of Steve Rogers back before Chris Evans ever took on the shield. Personally, I think that the wait to see him take on a superhero role has been worth it, because while I love John Krasinski, I think he was made to play Reed Richards, not Steve Rogers. He has this ease to him and this sarcasm that, to me, is all Krasinski.

The problem is that, for years, 20th Century Fox owned the rights to the Fantastic Four, prohibiting Disney from including them in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now Disney has bought up Fox’s entertainment properties, we could be seeing the X-Men and the Fantastic Four again sooner rather than later, and I would love if Krasinski took Richards on. He even has a built-in Sue Storm with Emily Blunt!

Twitter agreed, and some even offered up suggestions for the film (and who they would cast as Reed Richards instead).

If it turns out Krasinski’s meeting was about behind-the-scenes work, I will take that because I love A Quiet Place, but also, Reed Richards deserves a good movie, and I honestly think that Krasinski is a great fit. If not, I would take Rahul Kholi and die from pure joy. Your move, Marvel.

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