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Jodie Whittaker’s Just So Happy That She’s Going to Be a “Fancy Dress Costume” for Cosplayers

It’s a singular kind of special joy to see people cosplay a character you play on television or in the movies. At least, I imagine it is, because watching Jodie Whittaker react to a bunch of people at Comic-Con and beyond cosplaying her iteration of the Doctor certainly brings me joy, and I’m just a nerd watching a video on the internet.

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I mean, think about it. We’ve had thinkpieces flowing in all over the place, featuring takes both hot and cold. We’ve had plenty of people take to Twitter to voice how important it is to them that there’s a female Doctor, and we’ve heard from countless misogynists (read: spineless turds) in the same way. It’s just … it’s about damned time that we saw and heard from Whittaker herself, who certainly deserves to be happy and comfortable in the role for which she was chosen. I mean, am I right? I think I am.

Just look at her! Whittaker’s getting such a thrill out of seeing fans show their support in this way that only fans can. After the utter bull-hockey reactions that came out right after the announcement, she’s just due. It makes me super glad to see her being happy about the supportive fans, is all.

What’s especially notable about people’s cosplay is that it totally seems it’s like the kind of costume you could rock just from stuff in your own closet. I wonder, though, if that’s going to be her Doctor’s actual costume. I think it’s a pretty cool outfit, and it certainly has some great nods to Capaldi’s, but I’m also very excited to see what kind of personalization she brings to the role in this regard.

Anyway, I just thought your day could use a little brightening. There’s really something special about seeing fans and the stars they admire be happy about this little thing we call fandom.

(via io9, featured image: screengrab)

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