Jeph Loeb Denies Rumors Iron Fist Will Be Shelved

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Netflix has had a lot of success with its Marvel series so far—Daredevil premiered strongly with season two already in the works, while Jessica Jones started streaming at the end of last week to high praise from fans and critics alike. Luke Cage is on the way next year, of course, so what does that mean for the fourth and final standalone installment in the series?

As of right now, much of the details about the Iron Fist TV show still remain shrouded in mystery. With no lead cast yet and no showrunner attached, rumors have started circulating that Iron Fist may be swapped out for The Punisher in terms of which character gets their own show.

Marvel, however, is denying that such a change would take place. In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Jeph Loeb said that no changes are planned even though fans haven’t been privy to a lot of info so far. After being prompted for more of those details, Loeb said that “the short answer is, ‘yes, there’ll be news.'”

The only question, apparently, is just when that news will be.

Given that Iron Fist still hasn’t cast the titular character, that means there are plenty of potential names out there. Is there anyone you’d like to see playing Danny Rand?

(via Nerdist, image via Marvel Comics)

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