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Things We Saw Today: Jennifer’s Body Is Ten Years Old & Knows It’s Awesome

Jennifer (Megan Fox) gets ready to murder another victim in the cult classic Jennifer's Body.

We are finding out that a lot of really relevant things came in 2009 as we celebrate the cult horror classic Jennifer’s Body turning ten years old today. Variety spoke with Megan Fox, Diablo Cody, and Karyn Kusama about making the film, and all pretty much agreed that it wasn’t truly allowed to be what it wanted.

Cody recalls one of the responses from the focus groups:

“This movie was extensively focus-grouped which is hell. People hated it. I still have one of the cards. I’ll keep it forever. They screened this movie for young men, of course, and the question was “what would you improve about this movie?” and the guy wrote “needs moar bewbs” [sic]. That’s what we were up against. It makes me sad in retrospect.”

Despite it all, the film has definitely been reclaimed by mostly women and queer people, who see a lot of the good in this fun film. Is it perfect? No. There is a lot of casual 2000s homophobia speak in it, but you can still see this really campy film that is trying to say something extremely interesting about the way female sexuality is treated.

(via Variety, image: 20th Century Fox)

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