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Jeni’s Ice Cream Released a Ted Lasso Flavor, So of Course I Tried It

Ice cream 'till we die!

a pint of the Jeni's x Ted Lasso collaboration

When it comes to fictional foods, few televised treats are as mouth-watering and heart-winning as Coach Lasso’s famous shortbread biscuits from Ted Lasso. The fictional biscuits, which Ted bakes (as we eventually learn, entirely from scratch) as a way to bond/spend time with his boss Rebecca, have been a staple of the Apple TV+ show’s universe for two seasons now, and in celebration of the upcoming season 3 premiere, Apple has teamed up with Jeni’s Ice Cream to bring Ted’s salty-sweet treat to life.

Appropriately called “Biscuits with the Boss,” the collaboration is a limited-time ice cream flavor that can be purchased at Jeni’s both in-store and online starting March 2 at noon—which means by the time you’re reading this, you’ll be able to pick up a pint to try for yourself. Inspired by the sweet-and-salty flavor profile of Ted’s beloved biscuits, “Biscuits with the Boss” is a buttery sweet cream flavor mixed with crumbly shortbread chunks, a combo Jeni’s describes as “salty, mouthwatering, and conversation-worthy.”

Having gotten the opportunity to try the flavor for myself, I can heartily cosign Jeni’s description — “Biscuits With the Boss” is the perfect juxtaposition of flavors to create a sweet, but not-too-sweet treat that fans are sure to love. And it’s not just the flavor itself that’s spot on—pint packaging is a playful reimagining of Ted’s signature Richmond zip jacket, topped (of course) with the famous pink pastry boxes that Ted uses to deliver his now-famous treats to Rebecca.

But “Biscuits With the Boss” isn’t the only piece of the Ted Lasso x Jeni’s collaboration—in addition to the flavor itself, Jeni’s also has a small crop of limited-edition march to go along with the flavor’s release. According to the Jeni’s newsletter, members of the Jeni’s Splendid Rewards program (which is free to sign up for) will have access to “limited edition merch,” including the chance to “win” an “Ice Cream Is Life” scarf, pictured below.

Furthermore, for fans with a Jeni’s in their area, the treats don’t stop there: the newsletter also divulges that the “first few in line” for the new flavor will receive a limited-edition thunderstick, and that stickers will be available for rewards program members. If you don’t live nearby a Jeni’s, though, don’t worry — pints (and march) can also be purchased from their online store, which ships directly to ice cream lovers across the country.

Though fans still have a while to wait before the highly-anticipated premiere of Ted Lasso season three, you can make that wait a little sweeter by dropping by Jeni’s online or in-store to grab a taste of the “Biscuits With the Boss” limited edition flavor.

(featured image: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams)

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