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Just Four Straight Minutes of Jeff Goldblum Making Jeff Goldblum Sounds

It’s exactly what you think it is. Owenergy Studios has made a supercut of Jeff Goldblum Jeff Goldblum-ing in movies from Cats & Dogs to Thor: Ragnarok. If he “Ohh”-ed or “Ohhhhh”-ed or “hhragh haah hraaagh”-ed, it’s in here.

You might recognize the Youtube channel as the one responsible for the viral “Owen Wilson says WOW” video, which is just as hilarious. In a comment on the Goldblum video, they added “it was a blast watching all of his movies.” The “nearly complete compilation” is just a big love letter to the actor and the incredible joy his wonderful weirdness has brought us the entirety of his career.

Understandably, the compilation doesn’t include interviews since that would likely push it up to a few hours, but here’s an Isle of Dogs interview where the puppy he’s cuddling falls asleep in his hands, a 10-hour video of Goldblum purring, the Jurassic Park laugh remix (is any list of Jeff Goldblum sounds complete without it?), and a recent interview where he talks about loving impressions which makes me think he’d be delighted and amused by the compilation.

(via io9, image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

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