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Jason Statham Takes Dig at Marvel Movies in Case You Believed That Bullseye Daredevil Rumor

This rumor kind of missed the mark, huh?


Last week, it was rumored that Jason Statham was in negotiations to be Bullseye in the second season of Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil TV show, but that rumor’s been shut down with some scathing remarks from Statham about how Marvel approaches action on film.

And for a bit of perspective, Statham made these comments on the press tour for Spy, which is a comedy, so take from that what you will about his feelings on Marvel’s action quality. Here’s the interview clip, in which he says Marvel movies don’t inspire him, because his grandma could do those action scenes:

In fairness, judging by Jason Statham, I’m pretty sure his grandma could take me and many other grown adults, so Marvel’s actors and stunt performers shouldn’t feel so bad.

In the wake of these revelations about Statham’s feelings on Marvel, everyone who jumped on the unconfirmed rumor train very real news that he was about to become Bullseye has done some backpedalling. Now, it’s the Internet’s fault that Statham backed out of the talks that he was still very definitely involved in to begin with, so please keep believing that rumor mill!

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