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Real Captain Planet Jason Momoa Shaves Beard for Recycling Awareness

Jason Momoa, Khal Drogo, Aquaman, Mr. Lisa Bonet, and nature lover, has shaved his beard in order to bring attention to the climate, recycling, and general environmentalism. Momoa has been outspoken about these issues on his social media accounts, especially Instagram, and so I’m glad that, as he rides the waves of success from Aquaman, he’s going to keep highlighting these issues.

In the video, as he shaves, Momoa talks about aluminum and how it can be used as an alternative to plastic. 75% of all aluminum is still in circulation, and it’s 100 percent recyclable and it frustrates him to see plastic being used everywhere when it doesn’t have to be.

While people are discussing whether or not Momoa is attractive without a beard (wow, guys, the jawline is right there), if we really want to honor that beard … we need to talk about the environment.

There is a lot of back and forth about the environment and how much, if anything, individual people can do about the problem. If you don’t pay attention to the larger concepts of the Green New Deal, it may sound like it’s asking every person to just cut this out, but the reality is that the reason individuals get called to the charge is because corporations don’t want to take on the responsibility for their global footprint. Anti-littering ads are drummed up by companies in order to deflect from their actions and make the impact on the world our responsibility.

That doesn’t mean you aren’t a jerk for littering, but we’re not the ones creating the billions of products that get wasted. As Momoa brings up, when we get water in airports or other places, we get it plastic bottles. While a lot of us to try to carry our own bottles, how many of us go into places to get an iced coffee, tea, etc. and get it in a plastic cup? Why haven’t companies found alternatives or have incentives to get people to bring their own bottles? If you went into a Starbucks and got 10-15% off an iced drink by bringing your own cup, more people would do that. Would it be so hard to create canned water when we already have canned seltzer water?

That’s what Momoa has done; he’s made canned water from aluminum cans that can be 100% recycled and therefore won’t leave a footprint of destruction on the planet. Because of the world we live in, we need companies to be responsible, and if Momoa is creating a product that’ll help, it’s a step in the right direction. So I hope people listened while looking at his beard go away. We should 100% do our part and try, but we need to push for legislation that will get companies to make green business decisions.

To everyone printing out the Mueller report right now, y’all contributed to this. 400 pages! Use the PDF version. Also, please let Aquaman 2 be about climate change.

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