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Things We Saw Today: Jason Momoa Claims Henry Cavill Isn’t Going Anywhere as the Man of Steel

At the Aquaman blue carpet, actor Jason Momoa was asked about the fate of his fellow Justice Leaguer Henry Cavill, who has been portraying Superman in the DCEU since Man of Steel. In the video Momoa, when asked if Cavill is leaving says, “Absolutely not. He loves the character, and he’s not. 100%.”

The will he stay or will he go rumors have been huge the last few months, especially since Cavill will be the lead in the upcoming The Witcher series on Netflix and therefore might be less available to take up the cape as before.

I am game to see Cavill in the role under a better script and director, so if this is true, then it’s great news. If it’s just a misdirection or Momoa acting on the information that he knows, it really doesn’t change much. We are used to different actors taking up the role of Superman and Batman, so I just hope whoever plays Clark Kent next loves the character.

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It is finally Friday! What did you see?

(via ET, image: Warner Bros.)

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