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Wait, Who the Heck Is Jason Bradbury? A Primer For Our Non-UK Readers

Before you are saying that I am not a tech expert, let me explain you a thing.

jason bradbury

By now you’ve heard the news about the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Maybe you’ve even seen the video event announcing the new product. But who was that angry-Moby-looking guy in the video? He’s kind of a big deal in the U.K., but a lot of the U.S. coverage of the Samsung event didn’t seem to know who he was. Here’s a quick primer on who Jason Bradbury is.

Jason Bradbury first rose to prominence in 2004 when he became the host of a Channel 5 UK television program called The Gadget Show, in which he shows gadgets. Okay, sorry, I had to make that joke. The show has gone through several revamps over its 19 series (those are seasons for us uncultured American folks) history, but currently it’s returned to a traditional Attack of the Show-like “let’s hire a bunch of presenters to show us new smartphones and videogames in the comfort of our own studio” format.

The show has also helped to set 7 Guinness World Records over the course of its many challenge segments, such as the longest R/C car long jump in 2010:

Bradbury also has an active presence on social media with almost 180,000 Twitter followers on his personal account, and he’s written a series of YA books  called the Dot.Robot series, which apparently Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer once called “the best of a brand new breed of techno-thriller.” Eh, I don’t know, guys — a compliment from the guy who thought trying to continue the Hitchhiker’s Guide series after Douglas Adams’s death was a good idea… that sort of damns Bradbury’s novels with faint praise. Maybe it’s just me who feels that.

He also sometimes posts videos of himself doing stupid stuff like this:

Naturally he is quite a controversial figure because, as an Angry-Moby lookalike who inserts himself into any and all conversations about technology, he is the sort of person that some people feel instinctively compelled to want to punch.

Yeah, I wasn’t kidding about that punching thing.

So far Bradbury seems to be doing well for himself, however. If he ever wants a career change or decides that he’d like to be an international celebrity, our own Glen Tickle has some ideas:

He’s no Bryan Cranston, but admit it — you see it too, now. I mean, who doesn’t want to punch Lex Luthor?

(featured image by Nick Treby)

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