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Move Over, Catbeards: The New Hotness Is Turning Your Cats Into Cartoon Characters

What are YOU looking at?

Remember the old cat meme that involved trying to position your pet in such a way that their mouth looked like yours? Yeah, I don’t know about you guys, but I have no idea how those people did that. Cats are impossible to wrangle at that distance. Better to just make fun of them from afar with the clever use of shifting perspectives!

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A clever Twitter user in Japan named @Shiratamaaaa (above) has come up with a better stupid pet trick using just that method: all you have to do is out a thin strip of paper, draw a dorky face on it, and hold it in front of your cat like it’s their face just long enough to get a picture. Genius.

Some notable examples of the newly blossoming “cat montage” meme:

You can see some more great examples at Kotaku currently. Of course, since it’s Thanksgiving and I’m currently sitting at home next to a real live cat, I had to join in:

Try it out yourself! Just be warned, we aren’t responsible for any claw marks or bites you might receive during the photo-taking process.

(via Laughing Squid)

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