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Things We Saw Today: James Cromwell Wants a Revolution

Do you hear the actors sing?

James Cromwell In Babe

The United States is in a terrible state and people are getting angry. You know that’s the case when even an older white man is making the case that if the Trump presidency is not stopped, there will be a revolution.

Yes, James Cromwell, who was our childhood hero in Babe, told Variety his thoughts on the current political state and he’s got a helluva point, saying “This is nascent fascism. We always had a turnkey, totalitarian state — all we needed was an excuse, and all the institutions were in place to turn this into pure fascism. If we don’t stop [President Trump] now, then we will have a revolution for real. Then there will be blood in the streets.”

“We’re living in very curious times, and something is coming up which is desperately important to this country and to this planet, and that is an election, in which hopefully in some measure we are going to take back our democracy. We will have a government that represents us and not the donor class. We will cut through the corruption, [and] we won’t have to do what comes next, which is either a non-violent revolution or a violent one, because this has got to end.”

Talk about a rallying cry. If you need me, I’ll be blasting Jyn Erso’s theme and getting ready to build a barricade.

(via IndieWire; Image: Universal Pictures)

    • Former President Jimmy Carter has called for Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp to resign. (via Vox)
    • If Michelle Yeoh is nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars, which is looking likely, she’ll be the first Asian actress nominated in 12 years. (via Gold Derby)
    • Zoë Kravitz revealed that a director sexually harassed her when she was 19. (via Vulture)
    • The world might be terrible but Malala Yousafzai and Riz Ahmed took a picture together which is important. (via Twitter)

It’s also National Cat Day, so celebrate with your feline friends! Have a good week, Suevians!

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