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Jaimie Alexander Supports Chris Hardwick Amidst Abuse Allegations, but Why Though?

Lady Sif, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

jaimie alexander

The response to Chloe Dykstra’s allegations of abuse against the man believed to be Chris Hardwick has been swift: Hardwick’s AMC shows Talking with Chris Hardwick and Talking Dead have been postponed, as has his San Diego Comic-Con appearances. Now, Blindspot star Jaimie Alexander has stepped forward on Twitter in defense of her friend. She posted the following today:

On the one hand, I can understand the impulse to defend your friend, especially if he’s been accused of some heinous shit. People have been falsely accused of crimes before, and the Twitter court of opinion can be swift and merciless. It can be impossible to reconcile these allegations with a person you know and love. But on the other hand:

GIRL, let’s have a chat. So you want to defend your friend? Great. But this petition you posted simply reads “If you are tired of the Hollywood Accusations then sign below and the petition below and tell AMC to bring Chris Hardwick Back!”. What are the “Hollywood Accusations”? You sound like a FOX news personality trying to craft a soundbite in response to an Amber Tamblyn tweet.

Is this a response to the Hardwick situation or are you trying to discredit all the people coming forward in response to the #MeToo Movement? Women’s voices haven’t been believed or listened to since, I don’t know, the dawn of time, and now you want them all to be quiet? This is the coldest of cold takes, Alexander.

For that matter, just because you like someone doesn’t mean that they aren’t guilty of some horrible shit. Human beings are impossibly complicated and nuanced. Why do you think “he was always so quiet” is the most common descriptor for serial killers? Ted Bundy had a fiancee. The Golden State Killer was married with children. PEOPLE AREN’T ALWAYS WHO THEY SEEM.

Look, I know you’re still recovering from waking up in a duffel bag in Times Square covered in tattoos you don’t recognize. Fair enough. And you’re not alone in your support of Hardwick: Hardwick’s ex-girlfriends Janet Varney, Jacinda Barrett, and his wife Lydia Hearst have spoken in support of him.

All of these women have been put in an impossible, no-win situation. They shouldn’t have to defend the alleged bad behavior of the men in their life, a plight many women are all too familiar with. But the reality of it is, Chris Hardwick will be fine. He’s a rich white male celebrity in 2018 married to an heiress. Chances are, in six months someone will quietly hire him back and it will be as if he never left. Either way, the truth will out.

(via Uproxx, image: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for MTV)

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