Bowser sings about Peach The Super Mario Brothers Movie

Jack Black’s Peach Song Is the Only Good Thing About ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’


The Super Mario Bros. Movie finally hit theaters last weekend, but the reviews are mixed. Critics panned it, yet fans mainly loved it for the nostalgia factor. Mario, Luigi, and all their friends are part of our collective childhoods, so we automatically want to see anything that involves them. Despite Chris Pratt voicing Mario, I was excited to watch the movie. A lot of that excitement had to do with one man: Jack Black.

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Even before the movie came out, national treasure Jack Black was hyping everyone up. He showed up to interviews and to the premiere dressed to honor Bowser, the character he voiced in the movie. Yes, he wore a Bowser-inspired tuxedo that fans loved. Besides the wonderfully unhinged Lumalee, Jack Black created the only good moment in the movie: Bowser singing an amazing power ballad about Princess Peach.

Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, Peaches

Many think of Jack Black as a comedian first and foremost. But as any fan of School of Rock or Black’s band, Tenacious D, can tell you, he has an amazing voice. Tenacious D fans come for the funny lyrics and stay for the awesome power of Black’s vocal talents. After I recently re-watched School of Rock with my kid, I wanted to let him listen to D. Sadly, he is far too young for some of the lyrics. Then we watched The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and it was like kids got their own version of a Tenacious D song.

In the movie, Bowser longs for the love of Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy). He finds the star of invisibility and wants to give it to her as a wedding present. While he plans on how to pop the question to her, he contemplates his love in the best way possible: a power ballad. The lyrics are simple with “Peach” or “Peaches” making up most of the words. There are some internet theories that the song is all about her sweet booty, and that’s cool, too.

The best verse goes:

Mario, Luigi, and a Donkey Kong too
A thousand troops of Koopas couldn’t keep me from you
Princess Peach, at the end of the line
I’ll make you mine, oh

With Jack Black’s vocals, though, the simple song is elevated to a tune that slaps. I guarantee if you listen to it once, you will hum it the rest of the day. Or just keep playing it on a loop to keep yourself entertained!

People have also pointed out how the song is technically eligible for an Oscar. Let’s just give it to Jack Black. He deserves it.

Even if you haven’t seen the movie yet, do yourself a favor and listen to the rocking jam.

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