Jack Black in a skin-tight Bowser costume on the Kelly Clarkson Show

Jack Black Once Again Proves His Excellence in ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie isn’t out for another month, but it’s already pretty obvious who the cast’s MVP will be. At least, the English cast’s. From the film’s first trailer, any disappointment in Chris Pratt’s decidedly un-buoyant Mario performance has been counter-balanced by pure glee from Jack Black’s surprisingly sexy Bowser. Now that promotion for the film is underway, Jack Black is continuing to remind us that he’s hands-down the best part of The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

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On Thursday, March 2nd, four members of the film’s main cast appeared on NBC’s The Kelly Clarkson Show. Pratt, Charlie Day (Luigi), and Keegan Michael-Key (Toad) were all comfortably seated on the talk show’s cushy sofas when Clarkson asks, “I mean, you all are enough, but where’s Jack?” The cast assures her that Black is around somewhere, so Clarkson heads backstage. She finds Black standing dejectedly in a corner—in a skin-tight Bowser onesie.

“Everybody said we were gonna get dressed in costumes, and I’m the only stupid guy that got dressed in a costume, and I’m not going out there now!” Black explains. Clarkson easily coaxes him into making a “special” entrance, where Black joyfully poses, kicks surprisingly high, and wags his tail.

Bowser’s biz

Black’s entrance is ridiculous and hilarious. Amazingly, there’s an extra layer of absurdity here. Because once Black starts kicking and posing, it becomes clear that the onesie is very tight indeed. “It’s like someone put super-glue in there!” Black says when he sits down. In fact, the costume is so tight, the good editors at The Kelly Clarkson Show deemed it necessary to blur out Black’s junk.

I did not catch the blurring the first time and had to watch it again to confirm. And indeed, Black’s bits are visible enough through the tight onesie that the editors gently blur his crotch once he starts moving around. I have a great and deep respect for this man.

Black says his was “tricked” by his fellow cast members into believing they would all appear in costume. The segment clearly reads less like a prank and more like a pre-planned bit, though. Largely because I cannot imagine this current era of Chris Pratt donning an equivalent Mario onesie. I would love to be proven wrong, though.

The release date for The Super Mario Bros. Movie was recently moved up a few days, so it now lands on April 5, 2023. The final trailer for the film will be unveiled next week, during Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct on March 9th at 2 PM Pacific / 5 PM Eastern. I highly doubt we will get any deeper glimpses at Bowser’s … ahem … business.

(Featured image: NBC)

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