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Jennifer Lawrence Dodges Confirming Those Captain Marvel Casting Rumors


Is there any action heroine role for which Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t been rumored to be in the running? Captain Marvel is just one of the latest on the list, and it’s a rumor which Lawrence has managed to evade yet again this week. Her answer-dodge could be interpreted as a “yes, I’m totally in consideration,” if you’re hopeful enough. After telling Comic Book Resources that she considers Katniss to be “the best female character, ever,” Lawrence got this follow-up question:

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Jennifer, there have been rumors about you playing Captain Marvel for Marvel studios. Would you want to play in the same sandbox with Bradley Cooper and Chris Pratt?

Jennifer Lawrence: Well, yes! I would love to play in a sandbox with those two!

Play in the same sandbox? That’s … a euphemism for movie-making that I haven’t heard before. In particular, it seems to be a reference to the inherent childlike nature of superhero films — in spite of all their put-upon grit and self-seriousness, it’s all about putting on a cape and playing pretend on the playground.

Anyway, I would never expect Jennifer Lawrence to blow her own career by answering this question; we all know how Hollywood works. Her evasiveness could mean that she’s hopeful she’s in the running — or it could mean she’s not remotely interested but is too polite to say so.

Maybe we should instead be focusing on whether or not Katniss is actually the “best female character ever.” Maybe she just seems good in comparison to all the other roles JLaw’s been up for lately …

(via Nerdist, image via On Sugar)

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