Izzy Hands (Con O'Neill) wears full makeup in a still from 'Our Flag Means Death'.

Izzy Hands Sings WHAT SONG NOW on ‘Our Flag Means Death’?!

Oh how the tables have turned when it comes to Izzy Hands. A character I did not love in the slightest in season 1 of Our Flag Means Death has now become one of my favorites in season 2. Played impeccably by Con O’Neill, Izzy has gone on quite the journey in season 2. From standing up to his best friend Ed (Taika Waititi), losing his leg, and finding a new place among the crew of the Revenge to being our new unicorn, he has been through the wringer. All to end up someone who will happily let Wee John (Kristian Nairn) put make-up on him to celebrate a fake holiday just to make the crew happy.

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In episode 6 of season 2 titled “Calypso’s Birthday,” the crew all made up the holiday to celebrate Calypso herself and to just be happy for a brief moment before all hell breaks loose. While they’re partying, Izzy begins to sing a song which is, in its own right, a wild turn of events for the crew of the Revenge. And the song that he chooses to sing is one that holds a special place in my heart thanks to television history, “La Vie en rose”.

Sure, it doesn’t make much sense since the song didn’t exist at the time of Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet but neither did Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” but we let things slide on our beloved pirate show. Izzy singing (in light drag make-up no less) the iconic French ballad really hit me because it is one of the most romantic songs to grace television OTPs.

And yes, I will now associate Izzy’s version with Stede/Ed forever.

The importance of “La Vie en rose” in television

ted mosby and the mother in how I met your mother

We love to use this song in television, don’t we? The song that Izzy is singing is “La Vie en rose,” made famous in 1945 by Edith Piaf. It would go on to be featured in films like A Star Is Born where Lady Gaga sang it and captivated Bradley Cooper’s Jackson Maine. It was, obviously, the title of the Edith Piaf biopic starring Marion Cotillard (who won an Oscar for her performance). But another moment in television really stands out for me as the OTP moment for the song.

Prior to Izzy’s version of “La Vie en rose,” the song serves to introduce Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) to the titular Mother in the long-running sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Cristin Milioti played the Mother, a musician at the wedding of Barney and Robin. She is upset about a break-up, goes to her room, and begins to sing “La Vie en rose”. Ted hears her singing from the balcony next door and falls in love.

It has been, since that moment, a song that is very romantic and very connected with OTPs for me. To have Izzy sing it while an important moment happens for Ed and Stede felt like kismet as a fan of both of these shows. Now I just want Con O’Neill singing more on Our Flag Means Death.

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