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iZombie Recap: “The Exterminator”

Let’s Brian Krakow another case!

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Now that The Walking Dead is over for the season, we’ll have to settle for feasting on that other zombie drama, iZombie, for the rest of the spring. But hey, now that we’re three episodes into the first season, there is a lot of meat to chew on there! Case in point: last night’s “The Exterminator.”

With “The Exterminator,” we get even more insight into the show’s zombie mythology (zombies aren’t always as pale, beautiful and well-spoken as Liv and Blaine!), as well as Liv’s personal hook-ups (looks like she’s got more problems than just Major ones). And that’s before even getting to the case, which brings its own big reveals.

So without further ado, let’s dig into “The Exterminator”!


• “Two’s company. Three’s a horde.” Solid joke from Liv right off the start!

iZombie - Siri

• Liv standing up to Clive and saying she’d “man up” for the both of them is great. Even if it’s only because she was under the influence of sociopathic brain. Dude needs a talking to sometimes!

• Seriously though, Liv channeling the quirks of Wally Walker’s hitman killer? Hilarious. Especially when she remembers random facts and prompts a comparison to your girl Siri.

iZombie - Peyton

• More of Liv’s best gal pal, Peyton? YASSSS. And what’s more, she triggers Liv’s latest… shall we say, “brain wave,” through her prep for an upcoming case. Does this mean we could also see Liv in the courts in addition to the morgue?

• Props to Peyton for calling Liv out for peeking into her files and, you know, just generally being detached. Although a part of her rant has to do with Liv being stuck in Wally Walker World, a part of it also has the ring of actual truth. We’ve seen Liv reject Peyton’s helping hand before, when she was just straight up Liv.

iZombie - Yellow Queen

• They brought Marcy, Liv’s friend from the first episode who was also at the boat party, back and lookin’ like the Yellow Queen. So now we know things aren’t all Gwen Stefani hair and permanent eye make-up for all zombies.

• “Are you cool with me naming our trivia team Piggy and the Brain?” Yes. Also we’ll be stealing this for all future bar trivia nights.

iZombie - Krakow

• Wait, Brian Krakow is a murderous aspiring mayor in the future? Guess we know now that being rejected by Angela seriously messed him up.

• Liv actually kills Marcy at one point. It’s a sad price to pay (there goes another female character!) for more eventual emotional feedback from Liv, but at least we know that A) Liv has the power to attack both the living and the undead if needed and B) no matter whose brains she eats, Liv will always have a heart.

iZombie - OMG

• Ravi clearly owns this dorky shirt and is willing to dress up as a garbage man on a whim. Which makes it hard not to love him even more.


• Before coming to discover to Marcy, Liv seems convinced it’s just her and Blaine legitimately repping the “Seattle zombie” search term. Wouldn’t she be more curious about this, about finding out who (or what) else is out there like her?

iZombie - Aly

• Wait, the only female character other than Liv is just a “guest-star”? More Aly Michalka, please! As a series regular!

• “No psychic bats a thousand!” Clive seems to go back and forth between trusting Liv. Make a choice, dude! She’s trusting you with her special talents and she can take them elsewhere (see: Peyton)!

iZombie - Major Pain

• Are they trying to get us to dislike Major majorly? Because they are doing a good job! Seriously, kissing over Jenga and then filming it? Just eww.

• Blaine making that sexual crack about Liv licking the blood-covered knife was just straight-up gross. Way to continue to sully your appliance-sounding name, dude.

iZombie - Verdict

Catch iZombie Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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