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iZombie Recap: “Real Dead Housewife of Seattle”

Or, as I'd like to call it, "Shopping with the Enemy."


What’s Liv like after she’s been squished into a body-tight dress and fed some serious gossip? We got the answer in the latest (and greatest?) iZombie.

I’m going to get deep into the deets in a second, but I just wanna say that this episode may have been my fave of Season 2 thus far and because of all the reasons you might assume. Liv made for a such a sassy socialite and her quick-witted style rubbed off on the entire episode. Basically, I’ll give you a second to grab some pinot and salty chocolate, but after that, let’s gab our bejewelled ears off about “Real Dead Housewife of Seattle”!



  • PEYTON RETURNED! FINALLY! AND SHE’S HEADING THE UTONIUM TASK FORCE! SCANDAL! (Housewife Liv has also rubbed off on me and I’m sorry.)
  • Really loved how we did a 360 turn from last week’s Case of the Week, switching from frat bros to their polar opposite: real housewives. I suppose this week-to-week malleability is the pro of being a crime-based series, but ultimately, the decision to give Liv varied personalities on the regular is on the writers and it’s a good one.
  • “I’ve never had a lady who lunches for lunch!”
  • Anyone else enjoying the fact that Liv is switching up the brain menu these days? I mean, brain ramen with hot sauce has gotta get old fast.
  • Liv’s face when the first suspect mentioned Vaughn’s name was priceless. But perhaps not as priceless as Princess Sparkle’s Ravi’s sudden twirl.


  • “Voices Carry” was a brilliant choice of soundtrack for the scene where Major drove away with a captured man in back of his car, the victim’s dog sitting in the passenger seat. “This is scary,” indeed.
  • P.S. – SO GLAD THAT MAJOR DIDN’T KILL THAT DOG AND NOW THEY ARE ROOMIES! Seriously, though, looking forward to seeing this dog figure in Major plot points (he he).
  • “Because you can’t legally marry your reflection?” “BURN.” Okay, the chemistry between Steven Weber and Rose McIver in their Vaughn vs. Liv moments is unreal. I don’t mean that in a sexual way, even if Vaughn would expect me to because EWW he is the worst.
  • Speaking of Liv, Vaughn and sexy times, how much did you love how Liv called out Vaughn on his weird sexual advance (the “much blonder women” quip)?!

iZombie - YASS Queen

  • I haven’t been sold on Glinda until this episode, when it came out that A) she’s Vaughn’s daughter (twist!) and B) she is fully on board with calling out her creeper dad on his creeper shit. Case in point: her not being intimidated to come back at him for that horrible “Hey, if it wasn’t for me sleeping with other men’s wives, you wouldn’t exist” remark.
  • “Yes, they’re new. The color is called Sorry, Beyonce and I might be in love with it.” Liv made me laugh out loud so many damn times this episode, but that was line that nearly gave me abs.
  • Liv’s hair was so on point this episode, even if it wasn’t her style. Gonna try to recreate it tomorrow, obvs.

iZombie - Cake

  • HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, LIV! Let’s all have individual cakes to ourselves to celebrate?


  • How was Clive not suspecting anything strange after Liv turned into a fussy fashionista? I’m starting to have a hard time believing he’s believing her act. Like, is he really that clueless? Or is he just playing pretend so he can keep doing his job properly? They need to address this, me thinks.

iZombie - Do the Du

  • Not into Glinda seducing Major. Because why does every woman other than Liv have to be a love/sex interest for a male character?! I get that Glinda was trying to manipulate Major and cause a future rift between him and Liv, but I’d rather see our girls sleeping with dudes because they want to, not because they know a dude will want to and it will get them ahead.

iZombie - Ton of Subtext

  • I also get that it’s going to take time to reunite Peyton and Liv. But isn’t her friendship more important than her relationship with Ravi, which, as he said, was only a few weeks in before she left? I’d like that to be the focus going forth, even if I do ship Peyton and Ravi hard times (see: hug photo above and sigh).
  • How sad was it that Liv was about to find a new friend and the friend ended up being evil? We could have had another character of color on the show (and a girl this time!) had it worked out!
  • All sorts of gross. Especially the slut-shaming comments that Housewife Liv had for the women on it.

iZombie - Final Verdict

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Canadians can catch it on Shomi.

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