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iZombie Recap: “He Blinded Me With Science”

Finally back for Moore!


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Liv Moore lives more! That’s the headline I’d give this episode if I were still a full-time journalist, because with this week’s new episode of iZombie, we got to see Liv alive and well again … or appear alive and well again.

Yes, iZombie was back from the briefly dead (read: an all-too-long hiatus) last night, and Liv was looking like her old self, but with new knowledge (both from the brain she consumed and her own). Did this blast from the past (unrelated note to self: rewatch Blast from the Past soon) actually do anything major (Major!) for her and/or the show’s future? Let us dissect.


  • I don’t know about you guys, but for a split second, I was thinking “Hungry Like the Wolf” too, even though I know in my heart of Duran Duran-loving hearts that tune is clearly “The Reflex”! Anyway, tricky, fun joke to start the episode with Blaine on the bus.
  • Speaking of trickery, they totally faked us out with those stills of Liv looking like her pre-zombie self, huh? She hasn’t turned back. She’s just really bent on getting down to this Max Rager business, even if that means putting on a wig and make-up and a full disguise to investigate. (Funnily enough, Rose McIver probably had to prep for this episode the least of any episode. At least from a hair/make-up perspective.)

iZombie - Wigs Out

  • Seriously, though, I think Rose has really, actually transformed into Liv because it feels really unnatural to see her in her, well, natural state. She comes to life as an actor when she’s in full-on Liv mode and you can see that quite clearly in this episode, especially in the scenes after she takes off the disguise.
  • It’s also cool to get to see Liv on scientist brain. I really love what they did with her seeing lists and charts as she thinks about things in this episode. It not only illustrates how this sort of person’s brain might work differently than others, but provides a bit of a change-up aesthetically (but not one that distracts from the standard iZombie proceedings).

iZombie - Bomb Girl

  • Oh, hey! It’s Ali Liebert, whom you may remember from Bomb Girls (Canadians in the house?) or a brief stint on Lost Girl (Canadians or lovers of Canadian sci-fi shows in the house?) as Jenny/Annie!
  • If it wasn’t enough to get double the Liebert with a “Twin sisters!” reveal, we also get a Canadian connection with the characters being from Alberta (not Ontario or B.C., but Alberta!). This Canuck’s heart is just aboot full, eh?

iZombie - It's Vaughn

  • I’m starting to think Vaughn Du Clark is a gif monster. And also a literal monster. (See: him leaving his daughter to be attacked by a zombie and then also to limp away from his locked doors with nothing but a new hunger for brains and one heel to her name.)
  • I really do like that Gilda/Rita gets hers after playing Liv, but not in a way that involves Liv doing something she might regret. That being said, we don’t know what will happen when Liv encounters zombie Gilda/Rita. Or better yet, what will happen when Major encounters zombie Gilda/Rita.
  • #MajorDrama alert for next week’s episode, where we’ll surely see the effects of Major surprise attacking Drake.

iZombie - Blaine Fancy

  • I actually can’t get enough of the refined side of Blaine. Like just look at him chilling with some brains and vino as some classical musical plays. Can you say, “Who’s the real Boss?”
  • Real talk about Blaine: He’s taking some risks right now and it’s making me nervous! What say you guys? Are you liking where his storyline is going (will this new Ravi cure actually work?) and how David Anders is basically owning everything, including the sporadic, but appreciated Ravi/Blaine flirting? (I know it’s not a real thing, but I am living for “the love that dare not speak its name brewing between [them].”)


  • “Gaylord says what?” Really? C’mon, Vaughn.

iZombie - Heave Ho's

  • I’m still undecided as to whether the name of the restaurant Liv exits after seemingly being stood up by Drake is genius or just way, way, way too on the nose.
  • Did Liv really think that some new hair and glasses would be enough to fool people? On this, the week of Batman vs. Superman! But really, girl was on scientist brain and this is what she came up with?! For shame.
  • No Peyton this week. BUT, the photos for next week’s episode read: “PEYTON IS MOVING BACK IN WITH LIV.” (No, the cap locks are not an exaggeration. Clearly who ever titled these images is as excited as we are.)

iZombie - Final Verdict

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Canadians can catch it on Shomi.

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