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iZombie Recap: “Abra Cadaver”

It's not gonna reach out and grab ya.

iZombie -- "Abra Cadaver" -- Image Number: ZMB206a_0252.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Rose McIver as Liv and David Anders as Blaine -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Has there been a more magical episode of iZombie than “Abra Cadaver”?

I mean, technically this ep did feature the most magic because Liv ate the brains of a freakin’ magician! But was it actually spellbinding? Grab an elixir of your choice and settle in for Act 1 of this week’s iZombie recap show.


  • “Sometimes I’m ‘Hit Me Baby (One More Time) Britney. And sometimes I’m Shaved Head, Smashing Car Windows Britney.” I appreciate that Liv didn’t say “crazy” Britney here. And I’m not just saying this as a pretty big Britney lover.
  • OF COURSE Princess Sparkles/Rick Bang is on the mailing list for Prestofest.
  • I think Ravi made the right decision to break things off with Stephanie after that Guy Fawkes Day debacle, even if he did it kinda poorly. No one should have to put the amount of effort Steph put in for someone who doesn’t really appreciate it. And, obviously, we know Ravi has eyes for someone else….

IZombie - Oh Fawkes

  • “Help me, Zombie-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.” It’s almost as if Blaine knew that Ravi was right around the corner when he said this!
  • The Blaine/Liv stakeout was just proof that we need more Blaine/Liv scenes. David Anders and Rose McIver are just great together and I don’t mean this in a romantic way at all.
  • Seriously, though, Anders was killing this episode between the delivery of lines like “I’m such a slave to aesthetics” and his short, but sweet version of “Danny Boy.” I’m also still not sold on Blaine and Peyton as a possible couple, but I will admit that the Anders charm was on high in his scene with Aly Michalka and those two do seem to have a natural chemistry.

iZombie - Stakeout

  • Is anyone else getting Pushing Daisies vibes from this show these days? Obviously it’s not nearly as fantastical, but there’s some imagination going into the Cases of the Week. And, yeah, maybe Liv and Major have a sort of Ned/Chuck thing going on with their whole love life situation.
  • Kinda sorta melted at Peyton’s suggestion she and Ravi watch Vertigo together. Sweet callback, even if it didn’t lead to them actually watching it. Also, general yay for more Pey!


  • That cover of “I Put a Spell on You” was a bit too on the nose for the opening, amiright?

iZombie - Mag-Ick

  • Hands up if you were grossed out by that one older magician (The Magnificent Magnus) talking about “fully exploring” a woman’s body with creeper fervour.
  • “You’re very attractive and I very much have a penis.”
  • Did Peyton really need to be wearing hot pants during that dance scene? Wouldn’t Ravi still have been into her little adorable routine if she had been wearing a normal dress or anything else from her generally profesh, but still hot wardrobe?

iZombie - No Smoak-ing

  • The Penn and Teller parody group, Smoak and Meers? Just too much. Like in a terrible, super lame way?
  • Did anyone else get a kinda meh feeling from this episode? I’m going to chalk it up to me not liking the main case that much, but I’m kinda hesitant to label this a totally “BRAINSSSY” episode, so here’s my final verdict with a question mark added. Please feel free to share your own below.

iZombie - Brainsss

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Canadians can catch it on Shomi.

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