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iZombie recap: “Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues”

More drama! Moore singing!

Rose McIver as Liv in iZombie

So you know when I sang the praises of last week’s episode of iZombie for being the greatest of Season 2 thus far? Well, I’m here to say that I sang too soon, and this week’s country-themed episode was even better. Like, look at that picture of Liv doing her best early T. Swift (or should I say, casual Dolly Parton, given Dolly’s semi cameo via poster?) above.

Okay, before I exhaust my very limited country music references, let’s get down (home) to business with “Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues.”


  • Way to make up for not having that Peyton reunion last episode by starting this episode with it. Hands up if you looked like Liv did when it happened.

iZombie - Ton of Emotions

  • “I have zombie questions, okay?” Us too, Pey. Us too.
  • Wait, Ravi wants to name Major’s dog Minor? Supporting this. Hard.
  • “I hate that phrase, ‘Made love.’ It’s like sex went and hired a PR firm.” “I just say ‘Do sex.’ You know, like, ‘Thank you for doing sex with me.'” First of all, this might be the realest mini discussion that Liv and Ravi have had. But also was anyone else SUPER into how Ravi whispered that last bit into Clive’s ear?! Walking sex experiment indeed.

iZombie - Detect Sex

  • Also super into Clive’s face reading those sexy letters from Lacey. Clearly, there’s something to explore there. Maybe he needs some of Ravi’s pheromone cologne and a night off with this new FBI gal?
  • Speaking of this new gal, who else is into her? Even if she said “girl shoes” way casually.
  • WAIT, PAOLO FROM THE LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE IS WITH GOD NOW? I mean, Yani Gellman is playing Gabriel? (Sorry if you know him from something else, but I can’t seem as anyone else but Paolo.)

iZombie - Gellman

  • Liv said so many fun countrified phrases during the night that I lost track. But please share your favourites below. Something about a biscuit?
  • Can I talk about MY EMOTIONS during Liv’s song about letting things go with Major? I actually kinda dug that track and the insight that it brought into Liv’s emotional state. Also Rose McIver was a surprisingly good singer?! Can’t wait until she’s a special guest on the 1989 tour.
  • “Oh, this is all me!” That’s the moment we needed from Liv. A moment to show us that even under the influence of someone else’s brains, she’s under there, feeling things. Because, I mean, we know it. But sometimes we don’t directly see it/hear it.
  • In general, I loved getting to hear people call Major out for being generally awful the past few weeks. And also that they ended up being the start of a wake-up call for him. And also that the real wake-up call was him getting called out for being a hypocrite by a druggie kid he formerly mentored.

iZombie - Hats Off

  • Six words: Princess Sparkles in a cowboy hat. I MEAN.
  • Other things I loved this episode? That the killer was random this week. Because it would have been too easy to make it the ex boyfriend. And it would have been way too dark to make it the kids.
  • Even I’d eat that fried brain Liv had this week and I’m not ashamed.


  • Wait, Peyton is kinda into Blaine?! Not. Shipping. This. I mean, give us one episode of Liv and Peyton existing as BFFs again without some weird pending tension!

iZombie - Major Drama

  • I’m also not quite shipping this Liv and Major reunion? Like, sure, the writers clearly want these two as endgame, but I feel he’s gonna break Liv’s heart again and soon, whether that’s via her finding out about his tryst with Gilda, or her finding out about his zombie-killing work.
  • I guess you don’t have to have a long cold open when it features kids shooting guns, because that’s pretty damn cold to begin with. But it was so quick that I almost missed it?

iZombie - Final Verdict

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Canadians can catch it on Shomi.

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