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The Internet Has a New Hero in Ivanka Trump’s Neighbor


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This weekend, a few hundred LGBTQ protesters swarmed Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s ritzy Washington D.C. neighborhood to have a giant “Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice” outside their home.

This isn’t the first time during this administration that activism has taken the form of a queer dance party–remember the same group, WERK for Peace, threw Mike Pence a welcome-to-the-neighborhood party?

The Daily Mail had pictures of the protestors dancing and marching, but there was one photograph that immediately stood out: that of one of Trump and Kushner’s neighbors, in a big fur coat, wine in hand, delighting in the goings-on.

And the internet promptly fell in love.

Whether it’s because of her opinion on the Trump family’s politics, or because having Ivanka in the neighborhood is reportedly pretty awful, this neighbor with her wine is the new Kermit sipping tea.

The protest must have been inconvenient to the neighbors, sure. (And it turns out Trump wasn’t even home. She was in New York that night. But I think the message still got through.) But aside from reports of one 82-year-old man threatening to hit a protestor, the neighborhood, made up mostly of Democrats, and mostly of people who have already been inconvenienced by Trump, seemed like they were on-board.

The wine-sipping neighbor, whose name is Dianne Bruce, told TIME she wasn’t the only one enjoying it. According to her, a few neighbors were all drinking and watching the party together. She says “It was the entertainment for Saturday night.”

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