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It’s Time to Dive Into the Madness of ‘Infinity Pool’

Clones and pools.

Alexander Skarsgard and Mia Goth in creepy flesh masks

It’s a fantastic time to be a horror fan. Last year we were filled to the brim with fantastic horror and 2023 is already giving all of us something to chew on. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sci-fi horror nerd, an unwavering lover of horror-thrillers, or horror-adjacent comedies. And Brandon Cronenberg’s (director of 2020 cult hit Possessor) new horror trip Infinity Pool (2023) is guaranteed to draw people in, especially since it has Mia Goth in it!

Brandon Cronenberg’s upcoming flick looks like it’ll be a blast and messed up, in the best way possible. After all, he’s the son of the infamous David Cronenberg (Shivers, The Fly, Videodrome)! Brandon’s third film has some heavy hitters in terms of actors and looks like it’ll be a memorable sci-fi horror ride. Keep reading and dive into the pool for more details.

Infinity Pool release date and plot

We’ll see clones cooking up in the infinity pool on January 27th, 2023 (the Sundance premiere is January 21st for any cool kids who might be braving the snow in Utah to attend). It may end the first month of the year on a high note or just settle in the mid-category. Who knows!

The story follows couple James (Alexander Skarsgård) and Em (Cleopatra Coleman) as they vacation at a luxurious all-inclusive beach resort in the fictional state of Li Tolqa where they meet another couple, Gabby (Mia Goth) and Al, who take them off the compound for some secret fun. And then things go awry. According to the official press release:

“The couples plan a secret day trip outside the compound that ends in a fatal accident with James to blame. However, for a hefty price, there are loopholes to aid foreign travelers convicted of crimes there, which is how James is first introduced to a perverse subculture of hedonistic tourism.”

– Elevation Pictures

With exotic vacations, manslaughter, orgies, and clones, the movie looks anything but simple. What I’m gathering is that once everything kicks off, the ride is not slowing down. Slow-burn horror is delicious (for example, The Invitation), but sometimes non-stop chaos is a treat.

Who is in it?

Gabi holding a gun in Infinity Pool

I mentioned earlier that there are some heavy hitters in this cast. And I wasn’t lying to you in the slightest, believe me! Mia Goth is a scream queen (she’s been in a lot of horror movies at this point) and will absolutely steal the show. If you watched True Blood then you know Alexander Skarsgård as the Viking vampire Eric Northman. The rest of the cast includes Cleopatra Coleman as Em Foster, Jalil Lespert as Alban, and Thomas Kretschmann as “Thresh.”

(featured image: Elevation Pictures)

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