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It’s Finally Time to Raid Area 51 and See Some Aliens!

September 20th is nearly upon us, and you know what that means? It means it’s time for us to storm Area 51 and see those aliens! The gift that just keeps on giving, the raid of Area 51 started as a viral Facebook event that grew into celebrities making songs about the raid and the government having to shut down flights over the famed facility because they feared that civilians really would raid it to see what secrets it held.

Already, two people were arrested in connection with the raid, and it isn’t even the day of the event yet. So, what does this mean for those of us who are excited about the discovery that aliens are real? Well, nothing yet. They’re trying to get us all to believe that the raid is canceled, but we know the truth.

In actuality, this is probably a random internet fluke that will culminate in nothing happening at Area 51, but it does point out the mystery surrounding Area 51 in the first place. So many of us just want to understand why a government facility needs that much mystery if aliens don’t exist.

Anyway, this entire thing is great for one thing: finding out aliens are real, but also, I guess, the memes. Users are flocking to Twitter to share their memes getting ready to go to the raid, and hopefully, everyone is preparing to release ET.

I just hope that people show up. It’s time. RELEASE THE ALIENS.

(image: History Channel)

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