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It’s Election Day. Again.

its ground hog day. again.

As I write this, Donald Trump is losing a Presidential election … again. That’s right, even though we voted on November 3rd and the election was called (finally) on November 7th, today is the day that the actual electoral college votes! So we’re stuck on this carousel to watch Donald Trump lose to Joe Biden. Again.

Like the United States Senate, the electoral college is a relic of slavery and racism, created at the founding of America when the drafters of the constitution were worried about giving too much power to voters instead of southern landowners (read, slaveholders) and so they created a convoluted system where states would pick electors to pick a president instead of, you know, something logical.

That means that today, across the country, electors in all the states will officially cast their votes and Joe Biden will get 306 of them. This is happening despite Donald Trump and his cadre of inept, coronavirus-riddled lawyers trying everything to get the legitimate votes overturned.

For instance, last Friday, the extremely dumb but scary suit brought by Texas in the Supreme Court was rejected because one state has no right to overturn the votes of another. In a final blow today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court shut down another attempt to block the certification of votes (though it was way too close). Trump just can’t stop losing.

So today, we can watch that elector counter slowly creep towards 270 and past it again, as state electors vote. That’s going to be fun and several of the states where Trump fought the hardest to disenfranchise voters and throw out results that weren’t favorable to him have already voted!

Georgia! Led by Stacey Abrams!




Now, as satisfying as it is to see Donald Trump lose … and lose … and lose, please, in the name of all that is holy, can this be it? Can we be done now? There’s no undoing this now that the electors have voted right? All that’s left is for Congress to count the ballots and certify things on January 6th and surely no one is going to argue against that …

Who am I kidding? Of course, the Trump campaign won’t give up! Because we live in hell! Because they hate reality! Even now that he has completely and officially lost again, and acknowledged on Friday that the Biden administration will be a thing, his team and the traitors and cowards (many of them in Congress!) who enable him are refusing to accept the election.

White House advisor and human embodiment of the feeling you get when you step barefoot in cat vomit, Stephen Miller, promised on Fox News today that the Trump campaign would be sending a so-called “alternate slate of electors” to Congress representing the states the campaign in contesting. But that’s … not a thing. Trump might as well send a flock of talking grackles to tell Congress he’s king now because there’s no reality in which what Miller and Trump are proposing is real.

But they’re going to try. They’re going to draw this thing out until the damn inauguration, probably and it will be miserable and exhausting. But at least we’ll get the fleeting, however diminishing, pleasure of watching Trump lose again.

And again.

And again …

(via: CNN, image: Columbia Pictures)

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