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It’s Baby Yoda’s World and We’re Just Living in It

baby yoda ior something like it n the mandalorian

When it comes to The Mandalorian, we’re all either in love with the masked Mando strutting into our lives or we’re now obsessed with a baby version of Yoda. I don’t make the rules, I just convey them. The baby became “The Asset” that Mando had to protect and from there, I found myself lost in the love of this hot daddy Mandalorian protecting a baby Yoda throughout his mission back to Werner Herzog.

What’s nice to know is that I’m not the only one out there. In the latest episode of The Mandalorian, we see a lot more of baby Yoda (Yoddle?). A fifty-year-old being, this version of Yoda is basically a toddler. Every time Mando puts him to bed, Yoda waddles back over to him wanting a hug. It’s basically watching one Mandalorian and a baby for thirty minutes and then all the sudden the baby uses the force to take out a giant rhino-like creature because, at the end of the day, the baby is still a baby Yoda (thing? Kind of? We still have no idea).

But, if you take a quick glance at Twitter, the general consensus is this: We’d all die for baby Yoda and honestly, the Mandalorian probably would too. He’s just a baby going through a mid-life crisis who needs to be tucked in every night and hugged. He also swallows space frogs whole after being told not too. What’s not to love?

Now with this one, I did ask my friend if they were going to make toys this Christmas so I can buy one for myself.

Was this last episode anything other Hot Mask Pedro Pascal strutting around and taking care of a baby? No, but I loved it and so did the rest of the internet because now I want a fifty-year-old Yoda who needs my help. Anyway, I will die for baby Yoda.

(image: LucasFilm)

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