My Bloody iValentine: Welcome, Apple iPad!

Yesterday, we found out what the latest mysterious and life-changing product from Apple — the heralded multi-purpose new “Tablet” e-reader — would be called. It’s called the iPad.

Is it just us, or does that remind you of stocking up on Kotex?

Trick question: It’s not just us. It’s the ENTIRE INTERNET.

iTampon” has been trending on Twitter since the announcement, even at one point hitting #1. Since I started writing this post, it’s been mentioned over 9,000 times. Yes, yes the iPad might save the print industry, but did you hear how absorbent it is?

No, seriously. I don’t know a woman who hasn’t giggled over this, but also been gobsmacked that Apple could possibly have picked this name. As NPR’s Alicia Shepard — and countless other women — wondered on Twitter: “ipad? where were the women when this name was discussed?”

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