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And Now Issa Rae Is Ready to Write That Rihanna/Lupita Movie … Make It So, Hollywood!

A few days ago, Twitter user @1800SADGAL handed Hollywood a gold-wrapped gift of a movie pitch. Looking at a super-cool photo of Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o, she imagined this amazing backstory for the shot.

Both Rihanna and Nyong’o then tweeted their enthusiasm for the imaginary project.

Then, a second Twitter genius tried to pull Issa Rae into the mix – and based on her response, Rae is 200% ready to write it (and maybe even star).

I’ll admit: Rae wasn’t my first thought for the writer. I initially imagined a slicker, heist-ier sort of movie, like Ocean’s Elevenand that isn’t her usual wheelhouse. But now that the idea’s been floated, I’m getting really into it.

As seen on HBO’s Insecure, Rae can write complex, life-giving female friendships, and friendship would have to be the core of this movie. Scam movies, with their less-than-perfectly-moral protagonists, also work best with some humor at their heart – and we know Rae can nail that. Plus, the pitch is so ready for a little awkwardness. Lupita’s character, scheming behind her computer, could be terribly shy and awkward, while Rihanna’s character is her deadly confident, glamorous friend. Or maybe they can play against type, with awkward Rihanna having to pretend she’s confident to snare their marks, and bold Lupita stuck behind the computer due to her skill set?

Either way, this would be wickedly funny. Plus, Rae manages to make comedy gold out of the most unexpected details in everyday life, from walking down the hallway at work to choosing a dress for a night out. Can you imagine what she’d do with the minutiae of planning a heist? Of picking out a disguise or an alias?

I know that creatives often emphasize how art shouldn’t be crowd-sourced, and that the audience shouldn’t always get what they want in a story. But … like … just this once?

Plus, Hollywood: if you can somehow believe that we want a trilogy of Tetris movies, you’ve gotta be able to believe we want this masterpiece.

Make it happen.

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