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Is There Cross-Progression Between ‘Overwatch’ and ‘Overwatch 2’?

Okay wait, what is cross-progression? I thought that cross-progression was the thing that Jesus did? You know, after Pontius Pilate told him to pick up some two-by-fours he marched his way up to Golgotha so some Roman dudes could nail him to them so he could die for our sins? Like the process, or the progression of him doing that is cross-progression right? Because he was carrying a cross the whole time?

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Okay wait no, theological questioning aside, “cross-progression” is what happens when you play Overwatch on Xbox for five years and then make the decision to practice self love and switch over to Playstation instead. But wait, what will happen to all of your achievements? All of the cool character skins you unlocked? How will people know you spend the better part of your life alone in your room with the lights out playing video games with strangers on the internet? How will you prove to people that you do not yet know the touch of another? Through cross-progression! That’s how!

When you switch over, all of your achievements and stuff will still be there because they were saved on the internet! Cool, right? And you know what’s even cooler? Overwatch 2 will have cross-progression not just between consoles, but with the previous edition of the game, as well. You can switch consoles, and all of your achievements that you earned in Overwatch 1 will still be there when you jump into the sequel.

They’ve even got a whole FAQ section on the PlayOverwatch website explaining exactly how the process will work, if you’re concerned about the particulars.

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