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Is There an ‘NCIS’ Season 22 Release Date?

NCIS is reaching One Piece level, in terms of length, at least. The series just had its 1,000th episode, and somehow people are still watching. Will there be a season 22? Does it have a release date? We shall see.

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First of all, where did season 21 leave off? Dramaaaa! The seafaring cast of NCIS made landfall after solving three murders on the open water. The waters seem settled now, or are they? Special Agent Jessica Knight and Dr. Jimmy Palmer’s relationship is now on the rocks after a job offer threw a wrench in the gears of their relationship. Jess is headed to California, so what’s poor Dr. Jimmy gonna do? It’s nothing that can’t be fixed in season 22? Right?

Is NCIS season 22 happening?

Somehow, CBS decided that 21 seasons of the crime drama just weren’t enough, and that a 22nd season was indeed in order. The series is slated to return in the fall. How long will it go for? Likely until the Sun blows up. The stars fall. Billions of years of entropy causes the universe to become cold and dead. And not a moment sooner.

When will season 22 release?

Right now, there is no firm release date for NCIS season 22. Signs point to early September, but in the wild world of serial dramas, anything is possible. We also don’t know if Special Agent Jessica Knight’s new west coast job means that actress Katrina Law will be saying goodbye to the series. Is it a big ol’ NCIS character departure fakeout? Or will she truly be Irish goodbying like Gibbs, whose actor decided enough was enough and quit the series. Only time will tell. And NCIS has nothing but time on its hands.

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