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If You’re Anxious to See Keanu Reeves Dominate in ‘BRZRKR,’ You’re Not Alone

It’s been over three years since Netflix made the announcement that BRZRKR, the action comic book conceived by internet favorite Keanu Reeves, would be adapted to a live-action movie and an anime spin-off series. Yet here we are … still BRZRKR-less after all this time. What gives?

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Some backstory

Reeves came up with the idea and story arc for a comic about a character called Berzerker (B for short), an immortal warrior who is half-mortal and half-god. B wanders the earth for 80,000 years, ultimately starting to work for the U.S. government to take on brutal, blood-soaked battles they can’t find anyone else to fight. B is handsomely compensated for this work, but it takes a vicious toll on his psyche.

The actor brought the concept to bestselling comic book writer Matt Kindt (Folklords; Justice League of America) and the esteemed Marvel illustrator Ron Garney (The Amazing Spider-Man; Silver Surfer), who turned his idea into reality. An indie publisher named Boom! Studios published the work, which went on to sell millions of copies and became the number one bestselling comic of the decade.

On March 21, 2021, Netflix announced on their website that they acquired the rights to adapt the comic to a feature film followed by an anime spinoff series. They included the news that Reeves would not only serve as a co-producer, but he will also star in the leading role of the film and will voice B in the anime series. This move makes sense since the character is based on Reeves’ own likeness in the comics.

The film adaptation is expected to follow the action of BRZRKR Volumes 1 – 3 (12 issues total), while the anime spin-off will explore other characters and elements within the same universe.

What’s happening with BRZRKR?

Netflix has not issued any further announcements regarding the BRZRKR movie or anime series. In 2022, Screenrant caught up with Reeves at Comic-Con and asked how large a role he intends to take in the production of his comic book vision. At that time, the actor stated that screenwriter and director Mattson Tomlin (A Vicious Circle) was hard at work writing the script for the film.

“Screenwriter Mattson Tomlin tells me he’s halfway through,” said Reeves. “He sent me page one, but then I already gave him a note on page one. But it’s a real collaborative process. Mattson’s gonna write it, and he has ideas. I’m excited to see what they do.”

While there hasn’t been any more forward momentum on the Netflix front, Reeves has further expanded the BRZRKR world by co-writing a novel with British writer China Miéville. The Book of Elsewhere will be published by Random House imprint Del Rey on July 23, 2024. It tells the story of B as he works for a U.S. black-ops group and encounters a mortal soldier who comes back from the dead.

Any idea of when the BRZRKR movie and anime will arrive on Netflix?

As of this writing, there is no official release date for the BRZRKR Netflix offerings. We will update you as soon as more information becomes available.

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