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It’s True: You Can Stream the ‘Saw’ Movies on Disney+

You might be a little confused by all the Disney Saw memes going around on social media. No, the House of Mouse didn’t buy the rights to the Saw franchise, but I kind of wish they would so we could finally get a Jigsaw Babies animated prequel series.

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The truth is much simpler: Now that Disney+ has absorbed the Hulu library, all the movies and shows you can watch on Hulu are also available through the Disney+ app—for users who subscribe to the Disney+ bundle with Hulu, anyway. And since the first seven Saw movies are streaming on Hulu right now, that means you can stream the first seven Saw movies on Disney+.

So yes, after digging into the latest episode of The Acolyte or a mini-Bluey marathon with your toddler, you can switch over to a little thing I like to call Disney+ After Dark. That’s when shit gets real in the Magic Kingdom. Not only can you watch the first seven movies in the Saw franchise (no one asked, but here’s my ranking: 1 > 2 > 6 > 3 > 5 > 4 > 7) on Disney+ , but you can also enjoy recent horror films like The First Omen, Mandy, and Titane, as well as classic bangers like Alien and The Omen.

Trying to find the weirdest movies on Disney+ is a fun exercise—did you know you can watch 8MM, the movie in which Nic Cage teams up with Joaquin Phoenix to hunt down the makers of a snuff film, on Disney+? How about Brawl in Cell Block 99, the wildly violent Vince Vaughn prison movie from a filmmaker whose politics can be described as questionable at best?

The best result of this consolidation of streaming riches is obviously Skinamarink. If you’re a parent, I sincerely hope you have those parental controls engaged.

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