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Is Reverse-Flash in ‘The Flash’ Movie?

Put your Flash down, flip it, and reverse it.

Eobard Thawne (a.k.a. Reverse Flash)

Oh God no … please no. Tell me that the Reverse-Flash is not in the upcoming The Flash film. I don’t have the stomach for it.

The Reverse-Flash makes the Dark Knight‘s Joker look like a damn Disney villain. And he is FAR more evil than any villain the Marvel Universe has to offer. He might just be one of the most vicious, vile, depraved, and downright evil villains in comic book history. This guy makes Ezra Miller himself seem like a decent dude.

So will he be in the movie? From what I can tell, the answer is no. While the villain of The Flash is unconfirmed, it’s highly likely that the main antagonist will be Death itself: The Black Flash. But what could be more evil than death itself?

Eobard Thawne, that’s who.

Who is Eobard Thawne, The Reverse Flash?

Death is at least, a natural part of life. But there is NOTHING NATURAL about the things that Eobard Thawne has done. Eobard Thawne is a speedster from the future who believes that Barry Allen deserves to suffer before he dies. And boy does he get the job done. So, what does Eobard Thawne do?

Straight off the bat, he killed Iris West, the love of Barry Allen’s life. How? By vibrating his hand through her skull and into her brain and then solidifying it. Bad, right? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Then he went back in time and killed Barry Allen’s mother while Barry was a young boy. He did it in order to CREATE The Flash, as Barry’s mother’s death caused him to want to become a policeman and then a superhero.

But it can’t get worse than that, right? IT DOES. He later tried to kill Barry’s second wife but was thwarted at the last minute. Then he got facial reconstruction surgery to impersonate Barry and worm his way into his life and deepest relationships. It’s wrong. Plain wrong.

Then Thawne did the unthinkable and went after Batman. WHO IS BATSHIT ENOUGH TO GO AFTER BATMAN!? (Besides for everyone in Arkham Asylum). He found a letter written to Batman from Thomas Wayne (Batman’s father) and RIPPED IT UP RIGHT IN FRONT OF BATMAN’S EYES. PSYCHOTIC.

He then made the other Flash, Wally West, relieve the worst moment in his life when he forced Wally to watch his beloved Linda Park have a miscarriage repeatedly. After that, he killed the speedster Johnny Quick, a loving husband and father. And speaking of killing parents, he killed HIS OWN PARENTS after going back in time with the power of the Speed Force. But before that, he killed his YOUNGER BROTHER. And then one of his teachers!

He also went back in time and pushed a young Barry Allen down a flight of stairs, breaking his arm. That’s just petty. Then after killing Barry’s mom, he made sure that Barry’s dad took the blame and spent the rest of his life in jail. After that, he went to Barry’s childhood best friend and erased him from existence. Didn’t kill him, just plucked the innocent boy out of space and time.

Despite his evil deeds, Thawne SOMEHOW gets people to work for him. But are they safe? NOPE. He throws them under the bus the second they stop being helpful but manipulates them into thinking that Barry Allen was somehow responsible!

Eventually, Barry Allen was able to revive his dead wife Iris West with some comic book magic, so Eobard Thawne went back in time to kill her AGAIN. He wasn’t successful the second time, but man he got close. And speaking of romantic interests, it won’t surprise you to learn that Thawne sucks as a boyfriend. After he was rejected by a woman, he used his Speed Force powers to kill all of her romantic interests. Then he grabbed her by the shoulders and SHOOK HER AT SUPER SPEED, rendering her catatonic and unable to speak.

What next? He goes for Wally West’s kids. Normally he doesn’t go for killing children (except for his younger brother) but The Flash’s kids? Fair game. He wasn’t successful, but the attack was the thing that caused Wally West’s beloved Linda to miscarry in the first place.

But his worst crime? HE JUST WON’T STAY DEAD. This dude has been killed countless times throughout the comics but always manages to come back due to his time-manipulation powers. If he exists at any point in time he is able to return from the dead. Meaning that as long as there is a Flash, there will be a Reverse-Flash. And that is f*cked up.

(featured image: DC Comics)

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