Peppa Pig stands on top of her own name

Is Peppa Pig’s Age as Disturbing as Her Height?

There’s quite a bit of internet speculation around dear little Peppa Pig. While the piglet appears to be young, other facts about Peppa have emerged to make us question everything we thought we knew.

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If you thought Olaf from Frozen was tall at 5’4″, just wait ’til you find out that Peppa Pig stands at over 7 feet—at least according to Google. It was a shocking, dare I say traumatizing, reveal. Peppa’s age? Perhaps it will give us all similar cause for discomfort.

Maybe she’s actually a full-grown adult but is only pretending to be a child, like the real-life inspiration behind the horror flick Orphan. A seven-foot-tall adult who is still carried around by her parents like a baby? Wait … this must mean that Peppa’s parents are at least 14 feet tall, or greater. Will the horrors never cease? That’s too much bacon to bring home from work every day. Far too much.

So how old is Peppa?

According to her official bio, Peppa Pig is four years old. While this is certainly juvenile for a human being, a four-year-old pig is around full size. And before you ask, yes, there are pigs that get up to seven feet long. The Yorkshire Pig breed is one of them. If that pig were to stand on its hind legs, then it would be around Peppa’s height. Now how old is Peppa in pig years? Pigs age about five years for every one human year, meaning that Peppa Pig is 20 years old in pig years. That means that she’s only a year away from being of legal drinking age at pig bars. I would not wanna find myself on the wrong side of a seven-foot pig child who’s had a little too much of the sauce. No thank you.

(featured image: Channel 5/Nick Jr.)

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