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Is ‘Overwatch 2’ Free To Play?

I love free shit.

I love free shit.

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My favorite kind of free shit is the kind of shit you can get at the store. What store? Lol any store. You like comics? Don’t wanna wait for Free Comic Day? Just show up to any comic book store and make any day Free Comic Day by applying your Five Finger Discount code. You could even apply a Ten Finger Discount code if you wanna get double the free shit. What about a Forty Digit Discount code? Hell yeah. If you’re flexible enough to use your feet like that, do it.

The problem with applying codes like these is that you can only use them in the real world AND they only apply to the things that you can fit under your shirt. You can wear a big shirt, but it gets hard when you’re trying to apply your discount code to a T.V. or a purebred dog or something.

See, the problem with getting free shit from games is that games don’t exist in the real world. Yeah, you can apply your little discount to the physical copy, but if they’re trying to charge you money online then you can’t exactly apply a Forty Digit Discount to the entire internet, can you?

Well maybe … you can.

See, that’s the cool thing about Overwatch 2. That discount comes included when you apply it to the physical copy. Yeah, you read that correctly, Overwatch 2 is free to play online. AND it will be compatible across platforms, so you don’t have to waste your time applying discounts to an Xbox to play with your friends who all have Playstation.

Isn’t free shit the shit?

(Featured Image: Activision Blizzard)

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