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Where Is Marion Ravenwood in ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’?

Young Marion (Karen Allen) peers at the viewer wide eyed while holding a knife

After Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) made her dramatic return to the Indiana Jones series in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, viewers have been hopeful that she’ll reappear in the fifth and final installment of the franchise: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. After all—and spoiler alert, if you haven’t seen Kingdom of the Crystal Skull yet—she’s not just the one that got away anymore, now she’s his wife.

So it would be a little surprising if Marion was somehow absent from the newest film. Here’s everything we know about whether Marion’s going to be a part of the final movie, or if we’re going to be saying goodbye to Indy without her.

Is Marion Ravenwood returning in Indiana Jones 5?

While this should be an easy question to answer, the studios and actors involved are being a little more coy than we’d like, which is probably a ploy to get more people talking about the movie—which we’re feeding into by writing this article (oops). Still, we all want to know the answer, so let’s delve in. First off, the discouraging news: Karen Allen isn’t mentioned on the IMDb page for The Dial of Destiny. If we were closer to the movie’s June 30 release date, that would almost certainly indicate her absence, but there’s still a little bit of wiggle room, especially if they’re planning on doing something surprising with her.

At the same time, the cast list is looking pretty expansive and complete (including such standout characters as “Hotel Guest” and “Pan Am Stewardess”), so unless Allen’s involvement really is some kind of surprise reveal, the chances of her reprising her role are looking increasingly slim as the days go by.

The IMDb situation on its own would be enough to write off any hope of Allen (or another actress playing a younger version of Marion) making an appearance if it wasn’t for a statement made by Allen back in November 2022. While out for a meal with a group of celebrity friends, Allen was asked by a reporter about her involvement in the new Indiana Jones sequel. “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you,” said Allen. “Seriously, I can’t say a word.” While Showbiz 411 took this as confirmation that Allen’s character will be returning, we’re taking a more cautious stance; either Marion is going to play a key, surprising part in the newest film, or this really is just a ploy to keep the new Indy movie in the headlines until it hits theaters.

In conclusion: We just don’t know. The studio hasn’t commented either way. At this point it seems like the chances of Marion returning in Dial of Destiny are low, but not enough that fans should completely give up hope.

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