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Is ‘Love Is Blind’ a Scripted Show?

Either love is blind or love is scripted.

Love is Blind

Imagine talking to someone, but not seeing them, for 10 days. Then, imagine proposing to that person, seeing them for the first time, and getting married 4 weeks later. Sounds like the script to a bad rom-com film, right? However, it is actually the plot to Netflix’s popular reality dating series Love Is Blind.

The series, sometimes compared to The Bachelor or Love At First Sight, follows 15 men and 15 women who date each other in “pods” where they can speak to each other, but cannot see each other. They are given 10 days to date and to extend a marriage proposal. If the proposal is offered and accepted, then they see each other for the first time. The couple goes on a couple’s vacation retreat before returning home to live in an apartment together for 4 weeks. During this time period, they meet each other’s families and get to know one another thoroughly, or as thoroughly as one can in 4 weeks. At the end of the 4 weeks is their wedding, where they can choose to say “I do” or not.

As of 2022, four couples who have starred in Love Is Blind over two seasons are married and still together. Are these relationships 100% real, though? It is common knowledge that most reality shows are staged or scripted to some extent. Is this true for Love Is Blind?

What the showrunner and contestants say

The showrunners of Love Is Blind, as well as several contestants, swear that the show is not scripted. In fact, Love Is Blind showrunners have claimed that they themselves were surprised by the show’s results. Love Is Blind producer Chris Coelen revealed he was scared that no one would propose and the show wouldn’t continue after the pod dating period. In the end, more couples proposed than they could even follow. Contestant Rory Newbrough corroborated this statement by revealing the show was overwhelmed by 8 engagements, when they were expecting 2-5.

Meanwhile, even the family members of the contestants claim the show is real. Mark Cuevas, a season 1 contestant who got engaged, was asked on Instagram how much of the show was scripted. Mark’s sister, Melissa Cuevas, hopped on to reply to the comment that “none” of the show was scripted.

The contestants’ and showrunners’ statements show that the series is not pre-scripted and the couples form naturally. The number of engagements isn’t predetermined and really relies on the contestants’ choices. The fact that several couples remain married, even today, also shows that the engagement and marriages are not staged. The cynical amongst us might point out that there are likely more opportunities and attention for couples who remain “together.”

Elements of staging

Regardless of what the Love Is Blind contestants and showrunners say, however, it is quite obvious that elements of Love Is Blind are staged. For one, Newbrough revealed that when the show received too many engagements, the showrunners chose only to follow six of them and told the others their stories would not be covered. This shows that there are definitely some pairs that are favored by the producers more than others and that there are limitations on how real the show can be.

Meanwhile, season 1’s Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes revealed to Entertainment Tonight that they had already decided to split before their wedding. They even spoke to the cameras directly about how adamant they were to not get married. However, the show tried to spin it as a “surprise” break-up at the altar, to make it more dramatic. Not every couple’s journey is accurate and some just go along with the relationship for the sake of the show.

There is also a considerable shaping of the narrative based on edits and likely prompting from producers. Eagle-eyed viewers also noticed in one episode of Love Is Blind season 1, contestant Jessica Batten’s wine glass mysteriously changes. In one scene, she is seen holding an empty champagne flute and in the very next scene she has a wine glass filled with wine. She is never seen grabbing a new glass or refilling her drink, showing that certain scenes are definitely planned and set up for beforehand. Also, the wine glass scene gets even weirder when Batten lets her dog drink wine from her glass. Many of the random, bizarre, or overtly emotional scenes are likely done only for the camera.

Is Love Is Blind real?

Ultimately, Love Is Blind does seem to be more “real” than some reality shows. Some of these couples really did get engaged and married within the course of a few weeks. On the other hand, other couples didn’t get their stories covered or just went along with the show with no intentions to wed. While there is clear dramatization, set-up for specific scenes, edited narratives, and light influence from producers, Love Is Blind is predominantly not scripted, which makes it a whole lot wilder to watch.

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