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Is Jon Hamm Joining the MCU?

Let's add some Hamm to the MCU menu.

Jon Hamm Mad Men

Disney’s annual D23 Expo had many exciting announcements, but not every burning question was answered. People thought Disney would finally make the Fantastic Four reboot cast official. Or give us more information on how the X-Men (and other mutants) will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since Disney and Marvel left us wanting, they also left us to imagine the casting possibilities ourselves.

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The rumor mill is incredibly active about who could play the supervillain Doctor Doom because many fans like me love the villains as much as (if not more than) the heroes. I mean, why else would the Loki show be so popular? With the X-Men reboot coming, there is a big opportunity to bring the ultimate sinister character to the big screen. In a recent interview, Jon Hamm spoke about a rumor of him joining the MCU as X-Men antagonist, Mister Sinister.

Where did the rumor start?

As Hamm explained, in the preliminary stages of The New Mutants, they wanted Mister Sinister as the villain and were in talks about getting Jon Hamm to play the role. Hamm has before expressed his interest in joining the Marvel films as he is an avid comic book fan. Sadly, the film developed a different idea for the role of the villain and left Mister Sinister out of the project. Considering how The New Mutants turned out, however, Hamm likely doesn’t regret not being involved.

But The New Mutants did keep a tie to Mister Sinister. In the movie, Dr. Cecilia Reyes worked for the Essex Corporation and was trying to gather mutant DNA. The Essex Corporation is the baby of Nathaniel Essex, also known as Mister Sinister. Previous X-Men movies hinted at Mister Sinister appearing in future films or being the puppet master of larger events. However, he never came into being.

Let’s Get Sinister

Mister Sinister Marvel Comics
(image: Marvel Comics)

With the X-Men reboot in the works, Marvel and Disney can bring in a brand new epic villain. X-Men has one of the greatest villains of all time, Magneto, and the prior films have used him several times as both the bad guy and an anti-hero. As much as I love Magneto, this would be the perfect opportunity to bring in someone like Sinister. In a way, the MCU has already built his backstory. His powers came from a Celestial, as seen in Eternals.

Sinister was a Victorian-era scientist obsessed with genetics and evolution. After becoming a superpowered immortal genius, Mister Sinister thought he could control the world. He strives to hone the genetic process and create the perfect, powerful being by toying with mutant DNA.

Mister Sinister is also an arrogant, self-obsessed, over-the-top, cape-wearing villain (he is from Victorian London, so he has style). At one point in the comic books, he lived in an underground town with a bunch of his own clones. He loves clones of himself as he feels there are no others that equal his intellect and prowess (this is evil, but I get that thought process).

Hamm is the Man

Jon Hamm would be fantastic as Mister Sinister; he’s an excellent actor and can slide smoothly into any role. Lately we’ve often seen him play a sort of antagonist, as in Good Omens and Top Gun: Maverick. He’s got the general physical build and would look good with a mullet. Sinister is so dramatic that he easily goes from being a repulsive villain to being hilarious. My favorite version of Sinister has been in the recent run of the Hellions comic book series. Some prime points are when he argues with his clone over who should wear the signature cape and there are implications about what goes on with him and the clones. Honestly, it all makes sense for Sinister.

Hamm is great at playing serious and strong (Don Draper on Mad Men) but his comedy is so unexpectedly good we need more of it. Basically, I am envisioning Hamm’s terribly hilarious character from Bridesmaids as Sinister. I can see Hamm’s great comedic faces mixed with the red eyes and pointed teeth of Sinister. Please, Marvel, make it happen.

Right now it is only speculative that Jon Hamm will join the MCU. But he did say he looks good in purple (Sinister’s costume varies between black, blue, and purple depending on what comic series you read) and that should be enough to sway any casting director. What other Marvel character could Jon Hamm play? Let us know in the comments!

(image: AMC)

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